English Metal Detectorist Finds Rare 14th-Century Leopard Coin


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27 يوليو 2021
English Metal Detectorist Finds Rare 14th-Century Leopard Coin Set To Auction For $187,000


According to The Guardian, the retired research scientist discovered the gold artifact on a farmer’s field near Reepham in October 2019. He’d combed the grounds for hours with 30 detectorist peers, almost all of whom had already left when he found it. Shimmering through the dirt, it was far more valuable than the gold itself.

According to LiveScience, it was minted in 1344, during the reign of King Edward III. With France and Italy producing their own for decades prior, he had been eager to stop relying on silver. Their high minting cost ultimately did away with leopard coins, however — rendering this one a hot item at next week’s auction.

“It is in very fine condition and retains light surface marks consistent with a field find,” said Nigel Mills of the Dix Noonan Webb auction house in London. “Only five are known to still exist and this is by far the finer of the two known specimens that have come to auction.”​
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